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Trelowarren Pottery - Mawgan - from 1981 to 2005
Trelowarren Pottery  
Trelowarren Pottery
Trelowarren, Mawgan,
Helston, Cornwall


Born in 1949, Nic Harrison studied studio pottery at Cornwall College from 1975 to 1979. He then joined the Leach Pottery and worked with Trevor Corser and Jason Wason.  In 1981, he and his wife Jackie set up the Trelowarren Pottery where Jackie had a weaving studio. Nic built his own kiln which, reduction fired to 1285° C using propane gas.

The pottery was on the Trelowarren estate with 1,000 acres of woodland walks and gardens. It also houses a permanent exhibition of the Cornwall Crafts Association which includes work by other Cornish potters.

Nic and Jackie moved to Helston in 2006 where they had a gallery at 73 Meneage Street.
In 2008, they moved to Penhale Jakes, Ashton, Helston.


A selection of studio work.


A selection of decorated domestic ware.