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Nic Harrison Ceramics - Helston, Cornwall - from 2006 to 2008
Nic Harrison Ceramics
73 Meneage Street



Born in 1949, Nic Harrison studied pottery at Cornwall College from 1975 to 1979. Janet Leach invited him to join the Leach Pottery where he worked with Trevor Corser and Jason Wason. In 1981, he and his wife Jackie set up the Trelowarren Pottery where Jackie also had a weaving studio.

Nic and Jackie moved to Meneage Street Helston in 2006 and then to their current location in Ashton in 2008 where they built a new workshop and showroom,

The gallery has a wide range of art, ceramics and crafts.

Much of Nic's work is made in the locally produced, West Country stoneware clay. He uses the traditional glazes of the Leach Pottery. The Celadon glaze is sage green, Tenmoku is black to rust and Ying Ching is a grey Celadon. Decoration is achieved by applying oxides of cobalt, iron, copper or manganese to the glaze surface. This characteristically produces a soft indefinite line. Nic designs his own kilns which are reduction fired to 1300'C.

As well as studio art pottery, Nic also produces ranges of domestic tableware.

Nic Harrison at Work

Nic at work.

Tenmoko glazed dish. 
  Nic Harrison Tenmoko Glazed Dish
Nic Harrison Celadon Glazed Pot  

Another Nic Harrison masterpiece.