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Prykernow Pottery mark
Prykernow Pottery, Hayle

Low tide at Hayle

Prykernow means Cornish clay. The Pottery was established by Jamie and Dodie Herschel in the 1970's.

In 1984 Jamie and Dodie took over Cripplesease Pottery in Nancledra..


Prykernow Pottery Vase  
Small Vase

The design is a classic celtic cross in a textured mottled green glaze.

Height: 3.5 inches

Image acquired: May, 2004


Jean Mudge
Devon, England 

Sideways view showing the original pottery label. Note that the label design is similar to that of the later Cripplesease Pottery. 
  Prykernow Pottery Vase - sideways