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Cripplesease Pottery Mark
Cripplesease Pottery, Nancledra - 1984 to 2003
Cripplesease Pottery formerly Penderleath Pottery, Nancledra  

Cripplesease Pottery
Nancledra, near St Ives


Cripplesease Pottery was run by Jamie and Dodie Herschel on the site of the original Cripplesease Pottery that was started in 1977 by Bill Longley.

Jamie and Dodie had previously run the Prykernow Pottery in Hayle.

Jamie and Dodie moved to France in early 2003 and the site is no longer a working pottery. They now run the Nantyfelin Pottery near Lampeter in Ceredigion.

Jamie is a direct descendent of William Herschel, the famous musician and astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus and infrared radiation. William's son, John Herschel, was a leading 19th century astronomer, mathematician and scientist.


Cripplesease Pottery Vase  


Height: 8.5 inches

Picture courtesy of Cripplesease Pottery 2003.

Marks on the vase above showing Dodie's and Jamie's initials.

Picture courtesy of Cripplesease Pottery 2003.

  Cripplesease Pottery Vase Mark
Cripplesease Pottery Dish  


Diameter: 7 inches

Picture courtesy of Cripplesease Pottery 2003.

Double Bowl

Width: 6 inches

Acquired: 2001  
  Cripplesease Pottery  Double Bowl