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Cellar Pottery, St Ives - Mark
Cellar Pottery - St Ives - 1961 to 1966
Christiane Richards
     Anthony  Richards and Christiane Richards 
Site of the Cellar Pottery in Island Square St Ives.

  Anthony and Christiane Richards at the Country Lane Pottery.


Christiane was born in France and came to England to improve her English. She met Anthony Richards when she was working for Jess and Denys Val Baker helping them with the children. Richard was a close friend of the Val Bakers and Jess Val Baker was running the Mask Pottery at the time.

Anthony, who was at the Arch Pottery a short distance away from Island Square, supplied unglazed red earthenware pots for Christiane to decorate at the Cellar Pottery. Christiane's mark had a distinctively French style.

In 1966, Richard and Christiane moved to Penderleath Pottery at Cripplesease.

Cellar Pottery, St Ives - Christiane Richards  


Thrown by Anthony Richards and decorated by Christiane Richards.

Height: 3 inches
Diameter: 6.75 inches