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Arch Pottery Mark
Arch Pottery - St Ives - 1955 to 1966
The Arch at Hicks Court St Ives     Anthony  Richards and Christiane Richards 
The famous arch at Hicks Court, St Ives where the Arch Pottery was situated.
  Anthony and Christiane Richards at the Country Lane Pottery.

Anthony Richards started the Arch Pottery in 1955 in partnership with Peter Woolcock making a range of hand-thrown kitchenware and a few moulded pieces such as dragons. Anthony had previously worked at Lamorna Pottery before setting up Penzance Pottery in 1951 with Len Missen. John Buchanan joined Arch Pottery in 1961. 

Anthony also supplied unglazed pots for his wife Christiane to decorate at her Cellar Pottery in St Ives between 1960 and 1966.

John Bedding also worked at the pottery for a while. Eventually profits diminished and the pottery had to close. In the final stages they could not afford to buy new clay and John Bedding remembers scraping dried clay from the workshop floor and picking out the cigarette ends so that they could make a few more pots.

Anthony and Christiane took over Penderleath Pottery in 1966 and finally moved to Country Lane Pottery in 1980 where they are still working. Anthony gave up throwing pots around 1992 and now concentrates on decoration.

John Buchanan set up on his own Anchor Pottery at Hayle in 1966.

John Bedding is also a prominent potter now and runs the Gaolyard Pottery Studios.

(Updated 2008).


3 Footed Bowl

By Anthony Richards

Height: 2.75 inches
Width: 5 inches


Coffee Set



David Walker
Dorset, England


Striped Mug



Shirley How & Tim Seaward
Stourbridge, England


Coffee Mug

A gloss black underglaze,with a dappled light green gloss overglaze combine to give a pleasing green and black mottled effect.


Philip Muldowney
Southampton, England   

Milk Jug

Height: 3.5 inches



Signed "MR"

Height: 3 inches
Length: 2 inches