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Tregenna Hill Pottery - from 1955 to 1960
Kenneth Quick

Kenneth Quick was born in St Ives in 1931. He started at Leach Pottery as an apprentice straight from school in 1945.

He became a production thrower for the Leach Standardware range and eventually helped to teach new students.

In 1955 Kenneth set up the Tregenna Hill Pottery in St Ives which he ran for five years making mostly tableware using stoneware and red earthenware.

He took a six-month training and teaching post in the USA and on his return in 1960, he rejoined the Leach Pottery where he worked with Bill Marshall training new art college students who worked at the pottery on a two-year trainee basis.

In 1963, Kenneth went to Japan to work with Shoji Hamada for a while. Just before his planned return later that year, he drowned tragically in a swimming accident.

Kenneth Quick's work is highly regarded.

Coffe Cup and Saucer

Stoneware with a stunning 1950s design.

Cup height: 2.5 inches

Acquired: 2003