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Micel Roux Pottery Mark
Trecarne Pottery - Mullion - from 2003
Michel Roux
Trecarne Pottery, Mullion, Cornwall   Trecarne Pottery - Michel Roux
Trecarne Pottery
Meaver Road, Mullion,

Tel: 01326-241294


Michel Roux

Michel Roux was born in Aix-en-Provence in France. His upbringing was artistic, his father being a painter. He started potting in England in 1978 when he was living in Surrey and built his own wood-fired kiln.

When he moved back to France, Michel set up a workshop in the Pyrenees and built another kiln, this time gas-fired.

Michel and his wife Eugénie saw Trecarne Pottery for sale when visiting their children who had settled in Cornwall. The pottery was formerly run by Norman Underhill, who is famous for his ceramic sculptures and who had died a few years before.

Michel's son Stephan built a new workshop and studio pottery showroom. It is a traditional timber frame structure made from local ash and chestnut held togther with wooden pegs. Michel was able to start business in July 2003.

Drawing inspiration from the energies of the sea and wind and the colours of the sky, rock and landscape, Michel is always eager to try out new ideas.

The showroom has a large range of domestic ware and art pottery.

Trecarne Pottery - Michel Roux at work  

Michel Roux at work.

In the showroom ... 
  Trecarne Pottery - Michel Roux's Signature

Michel signs his larger and one-off studio pieces.

  Trecarne Pottery - Michel Roux  Fish Dish

Fish dish 

Large platter
  Trecarne Pottery - Michel Roux  Large Platter
 Trecarne Pottery - Ceramic Sculpture - Norman Underhill

A ceramic scupture by Norman Underhill given to Michel by Norman's widow when the pottery was sold.