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Tintagel Pottery Mark
Tintagel Pottery - from 1948
Tintagel Pottery   Tintagel Pottery entrance

Tintagel Pottery
Bossiney, Tintagel

Tel: 01840 770310

Pictures courtesy of 2004 
This is the way in ...

Tintagel Pottery was established in 1948 by the Norwegian potter, Egil Cunningham Quam with Kathleen Everard. Enid Mutton joined the pottery in 1948. Enid and her partner Roger Howard took over the pottery in January 1951.

Leonard Knight worked at the pottery for a while before setting up his own pottery called Knight's of Tintagel. Jack Boundy also worked at the pottery before starting up Avalon Pottery.

Tintagel Pottery is noted for its distinctive dragon and dragon's eye decorations as well as commemorative pieces.

More pictures of Tintagel Pottery can be found at

Tintagel Pottery - Roger Howard  

Here's Roger Howard weighing the clay.

Picture courtesy of 2004   

Enid Mutton is glazing.

Picture courtesy of
  Tintagel Pottery - Enid Mutton
Tintagel Pottery - Teresa Anderson  

Teresa Anderson, who works part time, is fettling.

Picture courtesy of

Millennium Mugs

Picture courtesy of 2004  
  Tintagel Pottery Mugs
Tintagel Pottery - Vase   Image acquired: Dec 2001

Small Vase

Height: 4.5 inches


Chris Martin

Mark on the above piece 
  Tintagel Pottery Vase Mark
Tintagel Pottery Jug    Image acquired: Sep 2001

Tall Jug - Dragon design

Height: 10 inches


Steven Lowe