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Rosudgeon Pottery - Peter Swanson Mark
Rosudgeon Pottery - Penzance
Rosudgeon Pottery - Peter Swanson   Peter Swanson

Rosudgeon Pottery
Prussia Cove Road
(on the A394)



Peter Swanson


Peter Swanson came from a potting family and was born in 1950 in Dartford, Kent. The family moved to St Ives in 1974 to run Barrie Alexander Ceramics. Peter set up on his own in Breage in 1976. He was then at Tresowes before moving to Rosudgeon.

Peter produces reduction-fired stoneware. Glazes are made from specific wood ashes.
Large pot by Peter Swanson   Large Pot

Japanese Knotwood ash glaze. 

In the showroom. 
  Rosudgeon Pottery Showroom
Rosudgeon Pottery Showroom     

A master piece.  
  Peter Swanson pot
Peter Swanson pots  

More master pieces. 

Mark used on domestic ware. 
  Rosudgeon Pottery - domesticware mark - Peter Swanson