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Bernard Moss Pottery Mark
Moss Pottery - Mevagissey, Pentewan and St Ewe
Mevagissey Harbour  

Mevagissey inner harbour at low tide


Bernard Moss was born in 1923. He and his wife, Maureen Moss, arrived in Cornwall in 1949. With some assistance from Anthony Richards (of Arch Pottery fame), Bernard started potting in 1954 in their rooms in Church Street, Mevagissey. Bernard designed and made his famous slip cast moving figures and mobiles. Maureen, an artist in her own right, helped with the decorating. In 1956 they moved to Jetty Street, Mevagissey.

In about 1958, Bernard went to Heal's in London to try to sell some of his work. The buyer turned him down. As he was walking out of the building, a smartly dressed man asked him why he looked so unhappy. Bernard explained and the man, a director of Heal's, Mr Hall. told him to see Mr Worthington again and say that they would take a dozen pieces. Thereafter for six or seven years, Bernard received an order for 80 - 100 pieces which were given to all the buyers at Christmas.
Each one had the buyer's name written on and the initials "HF" on the base standing for "Heal's Fabrics".

In 1961, they moved to The Old School House in St Ewe. At this time Bernard switched from making the slipware figures to traditional throwing of domestic and decorative wares. In 1965, they moved to Pentewan. Marks at this time were "ST EWE" and "PENTEWAN" with or without the word "MOSS".

From 1972 to 1977 they were at Castle Gate near Nancledra. The marks used at this time were "MOSS CORNWALL" or "MOSS CASTLE-AN-DINAS".

Bernard and Maureen returned to Mevagissey in 1977, this time to Cliff Street. Bernard continued business until 1983 when he was advised to retire due to heart problems and they then moved to Church Street.

Even after recent open heart surgery, Bernard stills makes a few moving figures in blue, black and white. He recently completed a large project depicting Noah riding astride the whale with the caption "I love whales". He has other large projects planned such as Moses in the desert striking the rock with his staff.

Bernard and Maureen featured in a Pathé News story in September 1955 - britishpathe archives hosted by ITN which you can download and watch (the first minute or two cover another story which you can skip over).

Maureen Moss continues to paint and exhibits at Newlyn and the Penwith Gallery in St Ives. Her pictures are described as are "allegorical" rather than "figurative".

Moss Pentewen Bowl  
Large Pentewan Bowl

The green pattern has a speckled finish with a slight lustre.

Diameter: 9.25 inches

Acquired April, 2003


Phil Brothwell

Small St Ewe Dish

Outside unglazed, inside a gloss green,with sgraffitto decoration.

Diameter: 3.5 inches

Acquired: Oct, 2001


Philip Muldowney
  Moss St Ewe Dish
Moss St Ewe Salt Shaker  
St Ewe Stoneware Salt Shaker


Height: 4.75 inches

Acquired: Nov, 2001


Philip Muldowney

Mevagissey Moving Figures


Slip cast and marked "MEVAGISSEY POTTERY"
The heads are separate from the body and rock backwards and forwards.

Acquired: April, 2004


Jennifer Harrison