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Lands End Pottery Mark
Lands End Pottery from 1982
Doug Francis
Lands End Pottery  

Lands End Pottery
Lands End, Cornwall

Doug's parents moved to Cornwall from Walsall in 1976 and Doug studied for "A" Levels at Penzance Grammar School establishing a firm interest in pottery and art. He has run Lands End Pottery since 1983, having attended Loughborough University and Leicester Teacher Training College.

Lands End craft workshops were established in 1983 at the "First and Last House". Doug then moved to the main complex and finally to his present location at Lands End Grebe Farm where the potttery is open to the public. There is free entry to the craft workshops, however a small car parking fee applies for entry to the Lands End site allowing all day access.

Doug's work is very varied ranging from thrown and altered one off pieces to more standardised thrown mugs, jugs, etc. There is a strong element of hand building, from vases and one-off sculptural pieces to animal studies and small collectables.

During the summer season there is the opportunity for children and adults to try their hand at making a pottery animal or indeed throwing a pot on the wheel. Although having a commercial side to this operation there remains a strongly individual and unique side to his commission work and one-off pieces.

Over the years Doug has had several helpers. Their work is generally noted by the addition of an extra initial. More recently he has added the title "Goatshed Pottery" to the craft centre advertising.
Lands End Pottery Marks

Various marks used over the years.

Some of Doug's work on display in the showroom.

  Lands End Pottery Showroom

Hand-thrown pots with Celtic decoration. 

The Owl and the Pussycat.  

Striking stoneware vase.