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Lake's Cornish Pottery Mark 
Lake's Cornish Pottery, Truro - from 1872 to 1980

Lake's was established at Chapel Hill Pottery, Truro in 1872 by W H Lake.

The Dartington Trust acquired the business in 1973. On 26 Dec 1975 there was a serious fire at the Pottery. Despite the damage done, the Pottery struggled on for a few more years until it closed in 1980.

Lake's pottery was often labelled "The Original Cornish Pottery". The workmanship at Lake's was highly admired by Bernard Leach who often sent students there to see them at work.

  Lake's Cornish Pottery Jug  
Cream Jug

Height: 4.25 inches

Acquired: 2001 
Small bowl

Diameter: 4 inches

Acquired: 2002 

Same as above from a different position.