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Ginnie Harrison Mark
Ginnie Harrison - St Ives
1983 to 2004
Sloop Craft Centre St Ives Cornwall      Ginnie Harrison (formerly Ginnie Bamford) 
Ginnie's workshop in the Sloop Craft Centre, St Ives
Ginnie Harrison (formerly Ginnie Bamford)  
Ginnie retired at the end of 2004. She made attractive tin-glazed earthenware, mostly kitchenware and decorative pieces.

Simone Slater took over the workshop in 2005.

Jam Pot

Height: 3.5 inches

Typical mark inscribed GBH. 


Height: 3.5 inches

One of Ginnie's famous cats

Height: 2 inches 
Ginnie Bamford Cream Jug    

Cream Jug

Height: 3.25 inches

This pot has the impressed "gb" mark for Ginnie Bamford.